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Steam Power Plant

P7690 - 1kW Steam Power Plant

This Cussons Steam Power Plant is designed as a comprehensive self-contained unit with all relevant items of equipment factory mounted on a common steel bedplate. This modular construction and assembly greatly reduces space and installation requirements. The plant can operate as a steam boiler, turbo-generator or complete power plant. Available tests include: thermal and total efficiency, consumption, boiler capacity, heat balance, turbine power and specific steam consumption.

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Further optional items such as additional boiler and superheater instrumentation, flue gas analysers etc. though not strictly essential to the plant operation; considerably improve the versatility, and hence teaching potential, of the equipment.

A basic laboratory scheme comprises a boiler and turbine/condenser. In addition the
complementary items; “P7692 Cooling Tower”, Separating and Throttling Calorimeters, Superheater, Tanks, Blowdown Tank, Water Treatment, Interconnecting Pipework and Lab. Design, Steam Pipework Lagging, and Installation & Commissioning may be supplied as required.

Steam Power Plant Range
P7690 Series: 1KW Steam Power Plant
P7600 Series: 5kW Steam Power Plant
P7620 Series: 10kW Steam Power Plant
P7655 Series: 20kW Steam Power Plant

Steam Power Plant