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Towing Carriage

Cussons Carriages are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes but can also be especially developed to meet our customers' precise hydrodynamic research requirements. From small educational carriages for use in University laboratories through to high speed towing carriages for ship design evaluation research, even Manoeuvring Basin CPMC carriages with integrated sub-carriage for model tracking and captive model sea keeping tests. We can also offer a full range of instrumentation for use with existing carriages including resistance dynamometers, guiding arms and self-propulsion dynamometers, as well as carriage mounted Vertical Planar Motion Mechanisms (VPMM) and Horizontal Planar. Examples of Towing Carriages with specification from existing designs are shown below. Other designs include the C102, C105, C119, C121, C136 and C137. These carriages range from 1.8m gauge and a speed of 5m/s to 16m gauge and a speed of 20m/s.

Cussons Technology - Towing Tanks & Ocean Basin Carriages