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Sep '16

Exciting new Multiphase Flow Unit extends Cussons’ fluid mechanics range!

Exciting new Multiphase Flow Unit extends Cussons’ fluid mechanics range!

Cussons’ new Multiphase Flow Unit with optional non-contact Electrical Capacitance Tomography will radically enhance Oil & Gas Production and Chemical Engineering courses.

Cussons is launching a unique solution for the study of multiphase flow optimised for use on the growing number of Oil & Gas Production degrees offered by universities. The new unit (P3620) will also appeal to chemical engineering departments and academics conducting research on non-contact methods of multiphase flow measurement and assurance.

The P3620 may be supplied either in a basic form for teaching fundamentals or with an integrated state-of-the-art Electrical Capacitance Tomography package. The ECT option enables flow regime cross-sections to be imaged and flow rates for all three phases – oil, water and air – to be calculated. This more advanced option will facilitate study of all the following:

  • Single Phase Flow
  • Hydrostatic & Dynamic Pressure
  • Hold Up Time & Slip Velocity
  • Two Phase Separation & Superficial Velocity
  • Drift Velocity in Air/Water Flow
  • Two Phase Flow - Liquid/Liquid
  • Two Phase flow Separation Rates
  • Three Phase Flow Separation Rates
  • Bubble Structures and Bubble Sizes
  • Flow Imaging & Flow Rate Estimation

All around the world universities and research institutions are focusing more attention on the issues surrounding multiphase flow as it relates to the extraction of oil and gas. This is becoming even more important as companies strive to recover resources from ever more inaccessible and inhospitable locations. A thorough understanding of the concepts bulleted above and the emerging technologies of non-contact flow metrology is essential for students hoping to forge careers in this vital area over the next few decades.

Leading universities are well aware of the need for suitable laboratory resources to both meet these educational requirements and also provide impetus for further research. Cussons believes the new P3620 with ECT technology is the ideal solution.